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Inpatient Rehab

Addiction is considered a mental health disorder. It is a complex illness that can be treated with various programs that West Virginia rehab centers offer. Programs range in intensity and duration and among the most effective programs is inpatient rehab. This program provides patients professional assistance with their addiction as well as a residence during their treatment to block the outside world and allow recovery to begin.


What are inpatient rehab programs?

The difference between inpatient programs and other programs such as partial hospitalization and outpatient rehab is that the patient will stay at the rehab center during their initial treatment and recovery. This promotes abstinence from drugs and alcohol as there is no way for the person to obtain the substances on the premises. The program also provides around-the-clock care that is known to increase the chance of a full recovery from addiction. Just knowing that a person is being monitored for drug use can cause the person to stay away from them.

Inpatient programs are some of the most intensive programs that there are for drug and alcohol addiction. The structured format that makes up the programs accounts for all hours of the day, leaving very little time for the person to feel overwhelmed and crave drugs or alcohol. Treatment methods such as motivational interviewing and behavioral therapy are provided for patients to help them understand their addiction, their thinking and how to change their behavior so that substance abuse is no longer an issue.


Who is suited for inpatient rehab?

Inpatient programs are aimed at mild to severe addictions. Any person suffering from an addiction that needs professional help with the detoxification and behavioral management part of treatment can benefit from this program.  If the patient is able to put their duties such as work or school on hold while they get professional help are ideal candidates for the program. Furthermore, if there is not a safe place to recover in such as a home environment not suited for addiction recovery, then an inpatient program is ideal.


Why choose inpatient treatment?

A patient who receives inpatient care for substance addiction is less likely to relapse once they leave the program than those who have less intensive forms of treatment. The program not only deals with the problems that led to the addiction but also teaches people how to live a balanced life without alcohol or drugs. Staying in the facility during the majority of the cravings can help with remaining sober since the person is unable to leave the premises and no drugs or alcohol is allowed on the premises.

The programs provide a fully structured day that will keep the person active and in a positive frame of mind, perfect for recovery. Patients are also monitored around-the-clock to ensure that they do not become overwhelmed emotionally. By being in the supportive and safe environment, the person is able to better deal with the cravings they will experience and start to employ their relapse prevention techniques while in the safety of the facility.

There are few drug and alcohol treatment programs as effective at treating addiction as inpatient rehab is. Once the person leaves the facility, they will feel prepared to take on their responsibilities with a positive outlook on life. Aftercare programs are discussed with patients to ensure that their long-term care is taken care of. This includes attendance of support group meetings, counseling and sharing their thoughts, feelings, and struggles with others. Accredited treatment facilities are always ready to help those that need help.

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